Shoutout to eagle-eyed friends when you don’t have cable

My only wish is that at least one person went for a me >> Charlie Brown >> NCIS programming block. 

Find out more about Stories From The Stage @ WORLD Channel.

This is Happening!


Well here’s a new/awesome/weird feeling: I’m in the TV Guide! Tune in on Monday 10/16 if you’d like to catch my National TV debut as host of Episode 2 of “Stories From The Stage”. The show is a collaboration between WORLD ChannelWGBH, & Massmouth Inc. highlighting real stories from real people told in a relaxed and welcoming environment. But before you catch me make sure to tune in on 10/9 to catch the series debut hosted by my amazing co-host Theresa Okokon. I believe it will be at 9:30ET but be sure to double check the listings in your market. I’m ridiculously psyched about this project which only exists due to the hard work of so many talented staff, crew members, & storytellers. I’m so thankful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to tune in! You can check out the series trailer HERE.

Secret Worlds Was Back!

I was delighted to be back this year with brand new episodes of the Secret Worlds of Boston Comic Con. It was great to once again collaborate with CBS Boston, Chevy, and all of the artists, fans, & experts who took the time to speak with us about new trends in 2017, how comics deal with real world issues, and of course…Star Trek Discovery. The four new episodes were all released just in time for Boston Comic Con (which ran 8/11 – 8/13).

Here’s the episode we did that explored Star Trek’s enduring role in Pop Culture. I’m biased of course but I think it looks great!



It was a Busy Summer

It’s been a whirlwind of a year so far. I won an Emmy, a poem I wrote got me some free cured beef snacks, I got passive aggressively warned of violating trademark law while acquiring that beef, I’m going to be in the circus, and people have weird sexual preferences when it comes to ghosts. All that and MORE in the latest edition of my newsletter. CHECK IT OUT and if you dig it go ahead and subscribe (use the box on the right of this page) to have updates go straight to your inbox. PEACE.

I’m a Bit Late in Posting It Here But…

…I won an Emmy!


I’m very happy to say that….I Won an Emmy!!! Yes indeed, I was recognized for my work hosting last year’s WBZ/CBS Boston web series The Secret Worlds of Boston Comic Con.

I’m honored & thrilled and I could not have done it without my amazing crew over at WBZ. The awards gala was a fun/weird experience which I’ve been talking about on stage recently, there just might be a story in there yet.

Full Disclosure: This was a *regional* Emmy…and I won in a 3-way tie…but hey, Emmy right???

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