What kind of awful are you? Would you rather give a bunch of unwitting preteens an Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test or Do the Dew out of a marsupial? I asked this crowd and…it was NOT close.

Just one of the 250 dilemmas, conundrums, and ethical moments of truth from my new humor book Questions For Terrible People available now from Amazon and at Barnes & Noble locations nationally!

This Halloween There Was a Reckoning…

Who’s your favorite talking magical black cat from the 90s? Most people choose wrong. I had to school this crowd. You might not agree but these are the facts. And remember: Melissa Joan Hart must be stopped.

I Met Santa in Rural Tennessee

So I recently enjoyed a brief but packed weekend trip to eastern Tennessee. Had a lot of fun but some of the highlights included: 1.) Visiting my first ever drive-thru liquor store 2.) Taking 2nd place at the story slam of the National Storytelling Festival 3.) Seeing my new book “Questions For Terrible People” on the shelf at a Barnes & Noble in Johnson City 4.) And best of all: meeting the “Blue Ridge Santa” off duty after the show. I noticed a very Santa-looking gentleman in the crowd but did not assume he was actually in the game. Afterward he introduced himself and we had a great chat. I’ve talked live performer shop with comics, poets, actors, magicians, musicians, burlesque performers, storytellers, & strippers but NEVER have I had the chance to get insight into the professional Santa game. It’s real out there. Best part was when he gave me his card and said “now, that number on the back is *protected*. Please be careful. If any kids get a hold of it it’s all over.” The secret is safe with me dude. To my people in the southeast: if you need a Santa hit up Until next time Tennessee!


I mean, they’re cute and all, but…

So you say you love pandas? OK, but like how much? I recently sweat buckets & helped a chill crowd find an answer to that question during a launch show for my new humor book Questions for Terrible People which is currently available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble locations nationally! Everybody has a line they won’t cross: this book will help you find yours.

So You’re Wondering About Tinder

I’m fairly certain that I jeopardized a few marriages by giving this demo of Tinder basics to an audience that had a few married couples who’d been together 25+ years. This is a brief excerpt from a 35 minute comedic PowerPoint presentation about Tinder using screen grabs from my own (mis)adventures with the app. It was a pretty diverse crowd age-wise with some couples who were *clearly* there on Tinder dates themselves and some couples there with their college-aged kids. They seemed intrigued.


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