Check Me Out in Rhode Island!

Super pumped to be a part of this year’s Rogue Island Comedy Festival taking place October 4-8 in Newport, RI. It’s a genuinely fun and supportive festival and I encourage you to check out whatever you might be able to. My specific show will be on Sunday 10/7 and you can purchase tickets HERE.


Updates Are Here! We’ve got a lot to talk about….

HEYYYYYY! Here we go again with another edition of the Wes Hazard newsletter where I share recent show/career updates plus cool things I think you might like. I won’t waste too much time with the preamble this time around since there’s really no doubt about the biggest thing to happen to me since I was last in touch with you (hint: it involved appearing on national TV 4 nights in a row and fulfilling a lifelong dream) but I’ve include a bunch of recommendations I think you’ll dig below, def let me know if you particularly enjoy any of them. As always if you think someone you know might like to know about these emails by all means share and advise them to SUBSCRIBE. Peace!

I’ve added Jeopardy! CHAMPION to my resumé

Hey everyone, wild few days there last month huh? A few weeks ago I got to achieve a 20 year dream and see myself on Jeopardy! I cannot even tell you how unreal that feels. And while I wish I could have given everybody a few more nights in the run (and made it to that sweet sweet Tournament of Champions) I’m *beyond* happy & grateful for how things played out. I’m a 3x Jeopardy! champion with an incredible experience that I’ll have for the rest of my life and which I’m extremely eager to start talking about onstage. (…and yeah $53K is pretty dope too).

More than anything I need to send out a MASSIVE THANKS to *everyone* who wished me luck, shared my story, organized a watch party, reached out to me with kind words, and offered their support and encouragement. I can’t even process the degree to which folks were out there for me night after night. People have told me how cool & collected I seemed on the show but they should see me reading all of the positive shoutouts and messages I’ve received, I haven’t been cool & collected then, I’ve been absolutely floored and overwhelmed. I’m still working on acknowledging & responding to everyone who’s gotten in touch but I just want to say that it’s meant more than you can ever know.

And lastly, while I may not be a 5-day “Super Champion” I do feel confident in my early bid for taking the crown in the Jeopardy! 2018 Jacket Game. #Fresh2Death


Tonight Is The Night!


OK, here it is…. 

Watch me fulfill a 20 year dream and appear on Jeopardy! this evening. I’ve barely slept in 2 nights with anticipation, and to celebrate I’m dropping the latest edition of my regular newsletter HERE (the best one yet if I do say so myself). Absolutely tune in if you can!

In order to make thing easy for anyone who sees the show and wants to know what I’m all about as a comic and storyteller I’ve created this nifty one-pager. It’s sort of a digest about me and what I do with a bio, notes on my current projects, some performance clips, info about my humor book, etc. Check it out!:

And here’s a great tool to help you find out when Jeopardy! is on in your area and on which channel:

Lastly: From the words of encouragement, to people organizing viewing parties and telling friends about me being on the show I just want to say that I truly appreciate everyone’s support! It means the world.

June Newsletter! Feeling Fresh @ The Emmys, Deep Sea Diving Is WILD, & The Best 35 Minutes of TV This Year…

My latest newsletter is OUT! Included: my most recent trip to the Emmys, revisiting my childhood on the big screen, & unexpected feels from a racehorse. Never seen my newsletters??? They have cool updates about me & my work but they *mostly* focus on sharing amazing content I’ve found and think you’ll enjoy too. I love curating awesome finds and sharing them with you and this is the most packed issue yet! If you like what you see be sure to subscribe to get them hot & fresh in your inbox!

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