My book & I made it into the Globe!



It was a total pleasure to be able to talk to The Boston Globe about my book Questions For Terrible People, evil, making a crowd feel weird, and bizarre family reunions. Check it out!

Together We Rose…and it was an evening to remember

Just wanted to check in and say that the inauguration eve event that I helped organize, Together We Rise: a Counter-Inaugural Celebration of Resistance, was a huge success and I’m so thankful to everyone who was able to make it out. Attendance exceeded what we hoped for, the performers were on fire, and those that came out were truly committed to the cause…and remain so as there’s quite a bit of work to do in the next few months, years, and beyond.

The TWR planning committee is working to determine what we can do to keep momentum going since the first week of this administration have made it abundantly clear that this must remain an urgent and ongoing fight to preserve the freedoms afforded by the constitution, justice for the most vulnerable people in this country, and basic human decency in politics at every level of the country.

I also wanted to share some clips related to the event.


Fellow organizer Mindy Fried and I were thankful to have the chance to talk to Chris Lovett of the Boston Neighborhood Network prior to the event to discuss both its spirit, purpose, and the role of comedy in political protest.


Here’s the promo video we released prior to the event and which we played during intermission.

And here’s the piece that appeared in the the Boston Globe a few days later.

Thanks again to everyone who could make it, and if you couldn’t: stay tuned! We have a whole lot more to do…

Together We Rise! (…for a superb & necessary cause)

Whatever your personal stance happens to be the fact of the matter is that very many vulnerable groups in Boston and country are going to be made more vulnerable by the incoming presidential administration.

As such a group of local activists (and me) is organizing an event at the historic Strand Theater in Dorchester on Thurs 1/19. It’s called Together We Rise: a Counter-Inaugural Celebration of Resistance. The event is a multi-genre show (music, dance, spoken word poetry, comedy), an art gallery show, and an activism drive (16 local groups will have tables set up where you can learn about what they do, grab some literature, and sign up to either join or learn more).

It’s all about coming together in a positive way to do what we can to prepare for what will be a very rough 4 years (at least) for a lot of people. There’s a GoFundMe for the event to assist with venue/promo/security costs and a donation of $10 will also get you access to the event but in truth, given its community nature, absolutely no one will be turned away if unable to pay. Hope to see you there!

In order to donate and learn more about the show please click HERE

The results are in! My Book in The Washington Post

Some sweet news: My book Questions For Terrible People was featured last month in The Style Invitational, the weekly humor/wordplay contest of The Washington Post. Columnist Pat Myers provided some sample questions and asked readers to write their own.

It was pretty cool to see so many submissions, and after writing 250 of these questions myself it was extremely interesting to see what readers came up with themselves. I had no part in the judging but the selections were uniformly intriguing. More than anything I was struck by just how…personal…a lot of these were. I mean, some of these folks were very clearly working out some life problems via submission to a humor column and I’m totally OK with that. Here are some of my potential-TMI favs:

* Have you ever hoped your kid’s team would fail to make the playoffs so you could have your weekends back again? (Jeff Contompasis, Ashbury, Va.)

* My teenager is consistently surly and rude, and says he wishes I weren’t his mother. Would putting him up for adoption be considered rewarding bad behavior? (Hilda Zampella, Falls Church, Va.)

* In a bargain with Satan, the funny anecdote you submitted to Reader’s Digest in 1982 will finally be published, but for the rest of your life you must shout out incorrect “Jeopardy!” answers at TV screens in airport bars. (Sandy Moran, Santa Rosa, Calif.)

You can check out the full list of notable submissions HERE.

You Can Check Me Out On The Story Collider!


I was thrilled to be featured on a recent episode of The Story Collider podcast where I talked about comedy, Crohn’s Disease, my guts, and the night I came closest to death. I’ve linked directly to the episode on The Story Collider site HERE but it’s available anywhere you get your podcasts. I hope you enjoy!

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