Messed around and got nominated for an Emmy. Pretty Tight.

So…I’ve been nominated for an Emmy* for Best Host/Moderator for my work on The Secret Worlds of Boston Comic Con. It’s delightful and surreal. Shout out to CBS Boston for giving me the chance and to the amazing crew and producers (Jonathan, Sean, & Brooke…who are also nominated for their work). I need tuxedo pants now.

*This is a New England –regional– Emmy but I’ll most definitely be counting it as 25% toward my EGOT status if I end up winning. It’s stiff competition so we’ll see…

What happens under the big top stays…well…you know…

#ThrowbackThursday doesn’t have to be just once a week! Relive days gone by with the Boston Circus Guild’s “Throwback Tales: A Retro Spectacle.” During this fantastical #flashback to the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, local circus artists will share personal stories from their youth reinterpreted through superhuman feats of skill. Between acts, a DJ will take you on a time-travelling tour of nostalgic musical hits from the last three decades. AND I’ll be your ringmaster for each evening. So don’t miss out, come through to Club Oberon and live the magic with this fantastic cast as we take you back…way back.

We just completed our first run of shows last night and they were INCREDIBLE. So much talent on the stage with an awesome use of the space and a ridiculous soundtrack. Truly a great night out where you’re right in the middle of the action. Dance parties during the intermissions people…

The second half of our run will be this coming week.

  • 1 show on Thursday 5/11 8pm
  • 2 shows on Friday 5/12 7pm + 10:30pm

TIX: Use promo code: RETRO to save $5 off your ticket! See you there.

My 1 day in the NBA…kinda…not really

Some cool things about being five foot nine and a half: 1.) Traveling comfortably in most cars & planes 2.) Being cast-able as Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas’ stand-in 3.) Being able to soften your disappointment in lacking any basketball skill whatsoever by learning you’re about a quarter inch taller than one of the best point guards in the league (though he beats you out in pretty much every other conceivable life metric). Cool guy. Weird/Fun day.



My Book Made it On TV!

It goes without saying that it’s every New England kid’s dream to grow up and one day make an appearance on the region’s most noted TV news magazine. Achievement unlocked! Very happy to have been featured on Chronicle as part of their segment on local authors. We got to chat about my book Questions For Terrible People and I was joined by some local comics & poets for a group Q&A based on the book. The clip at THIS LINK just shows my piece of the segment but probably my fav part of watching this live was the transition from discussing a book about a woman who conquered a debilitating mood disorder by microdosing with LSD. The anchor led into my part with “Now for a good day WITHOUT drugs, try Wes Hazard’s humor book…” and I almost choked on my rum & coke laughing. #blessed

New Project!

Heya, for this past Black History Month I completed a daily art & history project on Instagram under the title #BlackHistoryRepeatsItself Each day I took pieces from Black publications over the last century (Jet Magazine, The Crisis, Ebony, etc) & compared them to stories from 2016 – present by creating collages from historical sources and modern day news pieces. Aside from getting to indulge in my love of history, archives, & collage I wanted to explore how despite so much progress in the last century (progress that’s seriously threatened with current political developments) a lot of things haven’t changed much at all. Some of the posts were funny, others…not so much. Anyway, the IG project officially wrapped at the end of the month, but I’ve compiled all 28 posts (images & commentary) on a new site:

I wanted to preserve the project in an easily accessible way but I’ll also be continuing and expanding it there as well. I got really into digging through the materials and there’s a lot that I want to both revisit and explore anew. Without the character or image-size limits of Instagram I look forward to doing even more. Check it out if it’s your thing. The past is prologue.


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