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So 2017 has been a pretty crazy & productive year for me, particularly with regard to some great TV opportunities. In the past 12 months I won a New England Emmy, shot another group of episodes for the the CBS Boston production that earned me the Emmy, and became co-host of the national storytelling TV show Stories From The Stage from PBS & WORLD Channel. I just learned some pretty great news about that last part in particular but I’ll stay mum until there’s an official press release which should be soon.

Anyway, I was really feeling this blue velvet blazer during our most recent taping. You can catch both it and some SUPREMELY talented storytellers on the latest episode of Stories From The Stage. This one is a timely look at the theme of “Holiday Horror” and it’s available on your TV wherever you get your PBS/WORLD Channel fix. You can check your local listings (and view the full episode for the time being) right HERE. And as a bonus, in addition to hosting and interviewing tellers like I always do I also got to tell one of my own favorite stories to close out the episode. Super fun!

Let’s Stay In Touch?

Wild year right??? I hope you’re doing OK. In the first edition of my new & improved (& improving) newsletter I looked back on what’s been exciting me recently while laying out some of my plans for 2018. Check it out because there’s more cool stuff for YOU in here than ever before. PLUS there’s a picture of my giant baby head in outer space. Love you!

P.S. My newsletter is the absolute best way to keep up with my short, medium, and long term projects and show plans. PLUS I talk about what I’m reading/watching/scheming/cooking etc etc. If you like my work you’ll love the newsletter. If you think a friend might be into what I do then tell them too! You can subscribe HERE or by using the form to your right on this web page, thank ya!


I got to have a really chill conversation on a funny podcast about not-so-funny things. It was fun…and funny!

The very talented Laura Merli was kind enough to have me on her fantastic podcast “How To Be Less Awkward” where we discussed Crohn’s Disease, Boston comedy, the admirable stoicism of nurses, and the closest I’ve come to death! (It was close). Give it a listen using the link below or wherever you get your podcasts!


Shoutout to eagle-eyed friends when you don’t have cable

My only wish is that at least one person went for a me >> Charlie Brown >> NCIS programming block. 

Find out more about Stories From The Stage @ WORLD Channel.

This is Happening!


Well here’s a new/awesome/weird feeling: I’m in the TV Guide! Tune in on Monday 10/16 if you’d like to catch my National TV debut as host of Episode 2 of “Stories From The Stage”. The show is a collaboration between WORLD ChannelWGBH, & Massmouth Inc. highlighting real stories from real people told in a relaxed and welcoming environment. But before you catch me make sure to tune in on 10/9 to catch the series debut hosted by my amazing co-host Theresa Okokon. I believe it will be at 9:30ET but be sure to double check the listings in your market. I’m ridiculously psyched about this project which only exists due to the hard work of so many talented staff, crew members, & storytellers. I’m so thankful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to tune in! You can check out the series trailer HERE.

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