Tues 3/24 – I’m in the Massmouth Storytelling Semi-Finals!



It’s that time again! Your favorite local storytelling organization is nearing the end of its spectacular competitive season. That means the semifinals are right around the corner. The best tellers & stories of the year will be showcased all over the Boston / Camber-ville area as they compete for a place on the “Big Mouth-off” finals stage.

Once again I’m in the semis this year and I’d love for you to come check me out on Tuesday 3/24, 7p at Johnny D’s in Somerville MA (and maybe vote for me if you like what you hear…)

Tickets can be purchased HERE, watch out they’re going fast.


Want to almost lose a crowd completely? Tell the truth.

The dress is WHITE and GOLD!

But don’t tell that to this crowd. Not gonna lie, this got realer than I thought it would. But sometimes in life you just have to take a stand for the truth.


We Crossed The Line!


Was honored & thrilled to participate in the pilot show of You’ve Crossed The Line an exciting multi-media evening of standup, panel, game show, & audience discussion at Salve Regina University this past Wednesday.

Organized by Teja Arboleda & Deb Farrar-Parkman the night highlighted race, religion, identity & how we can use humor to both expose and bridge the gaps in our own personal understanding and comfort levels in those areas. It was an evening of honesty, openness, & acceptance and, most of all: it was hilarious. Featuring some of my favorite comics from Boston and New York as well as guest headliner Rain Pryor who wrote the lauded memoir Jokes My Father Never Taught Me: Life, Love, and Loss with Richard Pryor.

Check out this NPR interview that Teja & Deb did about the show!


There’s no Snowpocalypse in Space



Like many times before the weather tried to keep us down last month, and like every time before we said “Pshhhh” and had an amazing show anyway. Thanks to everyone who braved freezing cold, 6ft snowdrifts and an MBTA shutdown to make it over to Weirdo Records as we celebrated Sun Ra, ancient Egypt, & intergalactic peace ‘n love.

We lost a few artists due to the basic inability to get to some parts of the city from others, but we picked up a few special guests and actually had a decent number of audience members who just found us while walking by. We do it all again on 3/17 with the St. Patrick’s Day edition of the show (more soon on that).

I made it on the news! (And I didn’t even have to get arrested…)

It wasn’t quite Conan, but I couldn’t have been happier to do my very first TV spot, joining NECN’s Leslie Gaydos on her product review segment “Does it Work?”. Many thanks to Leslie, the crew, and the network for having me on. Go ahead and tap into the mysteries of The Phantom Saucer!

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