I Wrote a Book!


Heyyyyyy, I wrote a book. Yeah! Like an actual one, with a spine, and an ISBN, put out by a real publisher (instead of me pushing copies of something printed at Staples out of my trunk). I’m excited.

It’s a humor book titled Questions for Terrible People, made up of 250 damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t conundrums that make readers decide which kind of dirtbag they’d like to be in hypothetical situations. It’s great for parties, game nights, long car rides, and other situations where you want to question your moral integrity and find out weird unexpected things about your friends.

The book drops in October but is available for pre-order on Amazon & Barnes & Noble RIGHT NOW! Both e-book & physical versions will be available with the hard copies being sold in some brick & mortar retail outlets (more info to come on that). I couldn’t be happier about the opportunity to publish this or the finished product. I’ll be doing a bunch of (really cool, non-annoying) promotion in the months leading up to the release but I’m thrilled to announce it now. Get Terrible!

Pre-order here:



Tired of This

"Pulse Over Noise", collage on paper (digitally enhanced)

“Pulse Over Noise”, collage on paper (digitally enhanced)

I didn’t much to say in the days after Orlando. I just watched, and read, and listened to the same reports, interviews, think pieces, and heartbroken personal reflections that everyone else has. I didn’t have any words to contribute. Instead I just found myself making this. I’m thankful for having the process of collage to fall into. It was a relief to focus on something other than the hard fact of recent nightmare for a while. The quote is Margaret Cho.

Yet Another Fun Medical Emergency!

Two weeks ago I was prepping for a colonoscopy (which already kind of sucked) when I got hit with some emergency level chest pains. I’m not gonna lie, I thought there was a pretty decent chance that I was about to meet Prince. Luckily it turned out to just be acute pericarditis (yay?). That said, it still resulted in a nightmare Uber ride and 23 hours in the Emergency Room. When I finally got out I was feeling relatively fine, and well…damned if I didn’t have a show in 5 hours. I could/would/should have canceled but I knew I’d just feel worse about that later on so, yeah, I did the show. And it was a was blast! Here’s me talking about the whole thing at the penultimate Encyclopedia Show Somerville. Tonight is the very last one, so come through if you can!
P.S. Sorry Ma. Had to.

“An Unbalanced Equation Inherent to the Programming of the Matrix”



This is what happens when you watch the Architect scene from The Matrix Reloaded eight times in a row at 2am and then remember that you own a projector.

I’ve been trying to get back into photography more lately and have been adding some of my stuff to my instagram feed (which is currently dominated by absurd found pieces from print publications culled from my zine-making expeditions). You can check me out on IG @weshazard

Colonoscopy: The Prep-ening…


As I’ve started to discuss the fact that I have Crohn’s Disease on stage more frequently I’ve decided to offer some additional off-stage insight into what it’s like having this silly chronic illness. My motto has consistently been “Well, it could be worse…”

I recently prepped for my first colonoscopy in a few years. While the process is mercifully much MUCH less horrible than it used to be it’s still not the most delightful evening you’ll experience. Here’s me goofing off as I got ready. If you’ve got IBD/IBS or love someone who does you’ll know what’s up. Cheers!

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