I Went Down a Christmas Rabbit Hole…

I saw Home Alone 2 in the theater as a kid when it debuted in 1992 and I’ve watched almost every year since then. It’s a modern classic, I love it, and I have a lot of thoughts on it. Earlier this month I gave a 13 minute gonzo presentation about it. Here’s a link to both that full presentation AND a lengthy companion piece (with supporting clips and images) about the movie. I hope you check out both and that you enjoy them. Merry Christmas.


My Last/Best Newsletter of 2018


My last/best newsletter of the year is OUT NOW! Watch my Jeopardy! Christmas card, check me out doing an ad for factory equipment, enter the world of wizard cosplay, and read my thoughts about the NYC subway. PLUS the usual collection of awesome web items I’ve enjoyed and which I think you’ll like too. Subscribe for more if ya dig, Happy New Year!

My Jeopardy! Christmas Card 2018

Joyeux NOEL! This is my 2018 video Christmas card. Peace to you, regardless of whatever you do (or don’t celebrate). P.S. If you’re wondering about the thought process behind the bug eyed panic: I had “Noel” in my head before Alex stopped talking, but in a Christmas context I pronounce it “KNOW-EL”. As I was preparing to speak I suddenly thought “There ain’t no dudes named KNOW-EL!!!” because I pronounce the boy’s name as “Knowl” and in the moment those 2 things just wouldn’t reconcile, so at the time limit I blurted out what I was originally going to say since it was all I had and it ended up making me $2k. An early Christmas Miracle. Love you all.


Part of a New Standup Chunk I’m Working on About Racism, Money, & Police Brutality…

Standup Clip!

I haven’t posted a standup clip in a while, so here we go. This is me performing this past summer at the Hampton Beach Comedy Festival in front of a very lively crowd. I’m currently doing nearly all different material but this was a short fun set on a fun show, enjoy!

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