Commander Hazard On The Bridge!


If you’re going to do standup in a Star Trek TNG uniform you really can’t pick a more ideal venue than this. (Comics & Comics @ Boston Comic Con 2016)

Undercover Access: MIT’s Sci-Fi Library

Did you know that the MIT Science Fiction Society maintained a MASSIVE library of books and oddities. I didn’t, at least until I had the explore it with the CBS Boston crew as part of our “Secret Worlds of Boston Comic Con” web series.

Super Fun Project w/ CBS for Boston Comic Con


Boston Comic Con is an incredible 3 day celebration of comics, sci-fi, cosplay, and all things in the realm of Geekdom. This year in the run up to the festivities I got to team up with the fine folks at CBS and Chevy to host a multi-part web series “The Secret Worlds of Boston Comic Con”. It’s been super fun talking to artists, comic shop owners, the keeper’s of MIT’s secret sic-fi library, and a whole bunch of other cool individuals. i hope you enjoy the series as much as I’ve enjoyed hosting it. Check out the whole thing HERE!

A Quarter Century of Nicktoons

8/11/16 marked 25 years to the day since the 3 original Nicktoons debuted. I remember it well. Nickelodeon had been hyping their 1st foray into an original animation slate for weeks and I made sure I had an alarm set and a massive bowl of cereal to watch the first ever episodes of Doug, Rugrats, & Ren and Stimpy. I loved (and love) them all, but on the 25th anniversary of his introduction to the world I just wanted to drop a shoutout to Doug’s best friend and all around awesome dude Skeeter Valentine.

I Wrote a Book!


Heyyyyyy, I wrote a book. Yeah! Like an actual one, with a spine, and an ISBN, put out by a real publisher (instead of me pushing copies of something printed at Staples out of my trunk). I’m excited.

It’s a humor book titled Questions for Terrible People, made up of 250 damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t conundrums that make readers decide which kind of dirtbag they’d like to be in hypothetical situations. It’s great for parties, game nights, long car rides, and other situations where you want to question your moral integrity and find out weird unexpected things about your friends.

The book drops in October but is available for pre-order on Amazon & Barnes & Noble RIGHT NOW! Both e-book & physical versions will be available with the hard copies being sold in some brick & mortar retail outlets (more info to come on that). I couldn’t be happier about the opportunity to publish this or the finished product. I’ll be doing a bunch of (really cool, non-annoying) promotion in the months leading up to the release but I’m thrilled to announce it now. Get Terrible!

Pre-order here:



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