It’s Finally Here…New Zine Y’all



Heyo, it has finally arrived! The tip-top final edition of my second zine is hot off the presses and coming to your favorite coffee shops/book stores/movie theaters/dumpsters/ & Improper Bostonian magazine racks all over the Boston-CamberVille area and beyond!

It certainly took a while but I’m very happy with how it came out (and if you got a version before this past Tuesday it has been updated & augmented)! This thing only exists because I dig collage and print culture, so as always it’s totally free. If you see a copy around and you’re into this sort of thing just help yourself. I’ll also have copies on me for the next few weeks so holler if you’re interested. Peace.

It Just Got Weirdo: A Wordy Evening @ Weirdo Records (Dillinger Lives Edition)



The 22nd of July, 1934: John Dillinger, the most notorious bank robber in American history, walked out of the Biograph Theater in Chicago after a screening of the Clark Gable picture “Manhattan Melodrama”. He was gunned down almost immediately thereafter by the FBI.

80 years later: We’re having a comedy show.

Join us for another amazing evening of laughs, poetry and storytelling in the tiniest/awesomest vinyl record shop in all of Cambridge! It’s all the excitement of participating in a big-time heist with (almost) none of the risk of dying in a hail of federal-agent gunfire!

You definitely don’t want to miss this month’s super-strong lineup of INCREDIBLE performers!

We’ve got COMEDY from Mark Gallagher, Nonye Brown-West, Will Smalley, & Erin Judge.

Plus POETRY by Jonah Comstock AND STORYTELLING courtesy of Ken Green.

Free as always, we’ll see you there!

So, I guess I Kind of Cosplayed…

So this was pretty fun to do. Part of the amazing Literary Roast organized by Weird Love Productions. In this multi-media show all sorts of  Boston-area artists (poets, dancers, comics, burlesque performers, etc) were tasked with taking a literary sacred cow of their choice down a peg. I chose J.R.R. Tolkien and revealed his little-discussed achievement of being the man who “Invented Cosplay!!!”. Good times. I spent a lot of time crafting that wizard staff…it was worth it. Gandalf Lives!


P.S. Here’s an unrelated playlist that I made for Tolkien as part of my series for the blog section of The Missouri Review.

So You’re Picking Up Philip K. Dick From The Airport



Well thanks to Philip K. Dick’s wide & enthusiastic (and utterly well-deserved) online following this edition of my playlist for The Missouri Review was not only the most well-received in the series*, but probably the most viewed thing I’ve ever put on the web. Pretty happy about that considering how important of a writer he’s been to me over the years.

Check out the Playlist HERE.

*Notwithstanding all of the flack I received in the comments section for not including any Linda Ronstadt on the list. It was a judgement call, I made it.)

I will tell a story. Then I will perform karaoke w/ backing from a live band. That is all.



Pretty pumped for this one.

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