It’s like Mad Men, but funnier…and with less misogyny…



Taking over the IB Comedy Lottery for 1 week only check out “Buy This!…You’ll Feel Better!” a hilarious evening of comedy & advertising.

The show will open up with some selected open comedy lottery spots. Then you’ll see featured stand-up Liam McGurk, Srilatha Rajamani, & Christine An.

We’ll move into the marketing side of things with a lecture from LEGENDARY brand strategist Todd Spaulding!

Finally Wes Hazard will take you on a tour through some of the most off the wall print ads of the last century.

Best part? You don’t really have to buy anything because this show is FREE!

What a great night for stories…



You always hope for the win, but you know, I really can’t complain, it was a thoroughly awesome show. Happy to report that I took home 3rd place at Massmouth’s the season-ending Big Mouth Off @ The Coolidge Corner Theater. The audience was treated to 12 of the best tales of the last month and I got to get up on stage on one of my absolute favorite places in the city. Many thanks to Massmouth and it’s incredible staff & volunteers, especially the ever-working Norah Dooley.


Also, I can’t forget to shout out 1st place winner Myles Green & 2nd place winner Christine McDonnell!

For All The Marbles…


The Coolidge Corner Theater. One of the first places that became a regular haunt of mine when I moved into Boston for college. I saw midnight showings of Donnie Darko, Black Dynamite, & The Room here. And now I finally get to grace the stage as part of Massmouth’s Greater Boston Story Slam Finals (AKA The BigMouthOff). Sweetness.

Join us for an amazing show on Thurs 4/30 (7pm) as the final 12 competitors of the season go head to head to see who’ll be crowned 2015 storytelling champion. It’s a competition, sue, but more than that it’s sure to be an incredible evening where you’ll laugh, cry, and do everything in between. Come out, I’d love to see ya.

Tickets HERE

Where Were You In ’97?



Nice! I’m extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to appear on Boston Comic Ken Reid’s amazing podcast TV Guidance Counselor. Ken has been one of the funniest dudes in Boston for a long time now and his mind also happens to be a steel trap for pop cultural trivia. Each week he invites a guest to choose 1 of the TV Guide issues from his collection (I think he has a full run of 17 years worth) and he and the guest go over what they would have watched on that particular week in TV history. Ken’s had some big names & straight-up legends on the show such as Jonathan Katz, Paula Poundstone, Amy Sedaris, Kumail Nanjiani, & Paul Provenza so it was an especially cool experience to be invited on. It was a great conversation and so much fun. CHECK IT OUT HERE (You can listen via SoundCloud or iTunes)

I picked the week of June 28th – July 4th, 1997. As expertly noted by Ken we discussed:

Ken’s hoodie collection, shared celebrity birthdays, Ken’s 17th birthday, Agent Orange, the you now and the you at 17 having different tastes, Cops, America’s Most Wanted, the scariest Unsolved Mysteries Ken ever saw, learning gay pick up spots from Farley Bros movies, Fashion Bug, Dress Barn, Snick, Robin Williams, Ernest’s career, Krull, Beastmasters of the Universe, Early Edition, being introduced to 70s Green Arrow by your doctor, The DC Animated Universe, Isabella Rosellini, Kablam!, Charles Burns’ Black Hole, Oddville, Ken’s punk rock teenage band days, banning the Simpsons, Ken’s arguments with the dude from Dashboard Confessional, Real World vs. Road Rules, King of the Hill, Seinfeld, Paul Reiser, Big Top vs. Big Adventure, Fargo, Unhappily Ever After, The Wayans Bros, rare diseases, the over lap of Kids Inc and Children of the Corn, UPN shows, L.L. Cool J’s unplugged comeback, Broken Arrow, John Woo’s US career, Pump Up the Volume vs. The Superbowl, working in the media section of a library vs living in the media section of your own home, Bad Brains, Henry Rollins’ movie career, roommates with Flea (s), Ruby Wax, Strongest man in the world competitions, ER, snuff tapes, real life death scenes, TV Week, TV Guide Channel, Bewitches, Nick At Nite, Get a Life, Newhart, Secret World of Alex Mac, Roseanne, Dictionary dicks, Tanya Roberts, The Naked Truth, the greatness of Tea Leoni, Home Improvement, Neneh Cherry, Can’t Hardly Wait, Point Break, meeting Kelsey Grammer, Hazard Mail, HP Lovecraft’s Curse, The Experts: World’s greatest cold war movie, Parker Lewis, Beach MTV, Step by Step, Cutting Class, adult cartoons, One Crazy Summer, and the glory of Independence Day.


Stepping Up My Quiz Master Game



This might be my favorite image of me ever. Thanks to “Balsamic Winaigrette” winner of last night’s Best Smart-ass Point of the night during April’s The Big Quiz Thing show at Oberon in Cambridge. This was their answer to a question asking them to identify a photoshopped image of radio/TV legend Joe Franklin wearing Yves St. Laurent.

They got the huge ears and bulging left-breast pocket and everything. And were nice enough to point out that my microphone was in fact NOT a penis. Thanks to all.

Be sure to check out our spectacular May the Fourth Be With You spectacular, an entire evening of Star Wars Themed trivia, 5/4 8pm @ Oberon.

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