That Time I Almost Died (Book II)

If you’re going to get stuck with a chronic illness you could really do a lot worse than Crohn’s Disease. That said, it can sometimes be a total bastard. And on some days it will try to kill you. Here’s a story I told at the last area GrandSLAM from The Moth about one of those days (spoiler alert: things worked out!). I can laugh about it now and I hope you enjoy!

5/7 Storytelling in an Art Gallery


Art Galleries are to storytelling shows what Chinese food restaurants are to comedy shows: there’s a 50% chance whatever show you’re thinking of going to will be held in one. Can’t say I have a problem w/ either. Come through to this one. I’m not telling, but will be having a great time hosting and seeing some of my favorite performers in the city!


We’re Gonna Die!


Thrilled to be pat of the events surrounding the Company One Theatre production of “We’re Gonna Die” starring the super-talented Obehi Janice! I got to see a rehearsal performance of the show and I absolutely can’t wait to scope it up on the stage. You might still have a chance at tix but the remaining shows will def sell out so hurry. After the Tues 4/26 performance I and a bunch of awesome local comics/poets/storytellers will be doing our thing for the post-show, should be a blast!


5/15/16 Massmouth Finals – It’s about to be ON!


Very pleased to announce that I’ve advanced to the 2016 Massmouth Finals (AKA The Big MouthOFF). It will be my second year on the finals stage after debuting last season. I’m thrilled and can’t wait for what I know will be an amazing show. Pictured are the 2 other finalists selected in my round. 6 more will be closed at the remaining 2 semi-final competitions and there will likely be a 10th finalist picked by the Massmouth executive board.

The finals are Sunday 5/15, 6pm at the EPI Center in Boston
Tix can be purchased HERE

St. Patrick’s Day Just Got Real

I recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by giving a comedic presentation devoted entirely to the Leprechaun films of Warwick Davis. Not only did people sit attentively through the whole thing, but they actually seemed to like it. I spoke very fast and had a ball.

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