It Just Got Weirdo: A Wordy Evening @ Weirdo Records (Beam Me Up Birthday Edition!)



This Tuesday 8/19 is Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s birthday. He left an indelible mark on pop culture by creating a fictional universe that celebrated the majesty of the cosmos and the heights that vastly different groups of people could reach if they could only put their differences behind them…and there was Vulcan nerve pinching too!

This Tuesday also marks the first birthday of this crazy little show in a crazy little-er vinyl record shop. That’s right, it’s been one whole year of monthly laughs, verse, and assorted other pleasantly cramped shenanigans at It Just Got Weirdo: A Wordy Evening @ Weirdo Records!

Please join us for what’s sure to be an incredible show featuring some of our favorite performers from the first year of this series, it’s been one wild ride to the stars so far!

FEATURING comedy from Jamie Loftus, Angela Sawyer, Tawanda Gona, Emily Ruskowski, Bethany Van Delft, & Ken Reid!

PLUS music by Laura Burns!

Talking to the Boston Globe about comedy & mental health

1st thing: Favorite Robin Williams moment: 1992 – Aladdin opening night, genie’s line “10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!” Don’t know why, but I was rolling with laughter, don’t know why, but 2 decades later I still chuckle. He hit so many greater heights than that, but I’ll have that one forever. Rest in peace to one of the very best.

I’m deeply saddened by what precipitated the discussion, but some other performers and I talked to the Boston Globe about comedy, comics, & mental health.

You can read the full article Comic mania can mask darkness with joy by Zachary T. Sampson and Deborah Kotz HERE.

So You’re Picking Up Maya Angelou from the Airport…



Poet/Activist/Icon Maya Angelou is in your car. Yeah, it’s pretty intimidating. Don’t sweat it though, I’ve made you a playlist. Just be chill, don’t say anything stupid, and crank the Alice Coltrane.

Check out the Maya Angelou playlist HERE.

I couldn’t think of a better writer with which to wrap up my recent blog series for the Missouri Review. Every other week I chose a famous writer (poetry or prose, living or dead) and curated/commented on the “perfect playlist” for picking them up from the airport. It was a total blast making mixes for some of my all-time favorites such as Margaret Atwood, W.G. Sebald, James Baldwin, & Philip K. Dick. Links to all 1o playlists can be found here.

It’s Finally Here…New Zine Y’all



Heyo, it has finally arrived! The tip-top final edition of my second zine is hot off the presses and coming to your favorite coffee shops/book stores/movie theaters/dumpsters/ & Improper Bostonian magazine racks all over the Boston-CamberVille area and beyond!

It certainly took a while but I’m very happy with how it came out (and if you got a version before this past Tuesday it has been updated & augmented)! This thing only exists because I dig collage and print culture, so as always it’s totally free. If you see a copy around and you’re into this sort of thing just help yourself. I’ll also have copies on me for the next few weeks so holler if you’re interested. Peace.

It Just Got Weirdo: A Wordy Evening @ Weirdo Records (Dillinger Lives Edition)



The 22nd of July, 1934: John Dillinger, the most notorious bank robber in American history, walked out of the Biograph Theater in Chicago after a screening of the Clark Gable picture “Manhattan Melodrama”. He was gunned down almost immediately thereafter by the FBI.

80 years later: We’re having a comedy show.

Join us for another amazing evening of laughs, poetry and storytelling in the tiniest/awesomest vinyl record shop in all of Cambridge! It’s all the excitement of participating in a big-time heist with (almost) none of the risk of dying in a hail of federal-agent gunfire!

You definitely don’t want to miss this month’s super-strong lineup of INCREDIBLE performers!

We’ve got COMEDY from Mark Gallagher, Nonye Brown-West, Will Smalley, & Erin Judge.

Plus POETRY by Jonah Comstock AND STORYTELLING courtesy of Ken Green.

Free as always, we’ll see you there!

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