October Check-In & Recs…

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Have a Listen, Take a Risk!

Here I am on my favorite podcast talking about the time I appeared on my favorite TV show. Being on Jeopardy! was an amazing and life-changing experience that I’m forever thankful for. It was also a total emotional hurricane before, during, and after. Glad I got to share my experience with an amazing audience at RISK! If you’ve ever wondered what things are like behind the scenes at “America’s Favorite Game Show” or how dedication can get dangerous this might be the story for you.  being on Risk! is personally a pretty big deal for me. I’ve listened along and laughed and teared up with this podcast for more than 5 years and it’s kind of surreal to finally hear myself on it. My own story begins at about 25:50, it’s the middle of 3 stories on the episode, both of the others are AMAZING and you should check them out too. Love you all.

I Made It To Daytime!

Continuing my years long streak of getting on national TV for literally anything but standup comedy I invite you to check out this very fun & very random segment I got to tape with fellow comic Kenice Mobley for Strahan and Sara / What Would You Do? I wasn’t really able to see much as it was all going down but from the clip you can see that the awesome hosts were truly shocked by our staged PDA. Good times!

Summer Update! My Latest Newsletter.

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A Quick Visit to the Movies…and the Runway.

This dude’s bodysuit, nunchuks, & sneakers all match. Pure Fire.

Here’s a random little list article that I wrote for no real reason other than to highlight some of my favorite sartorial moments from the screen, hope you enjoy!

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