Heyyyyy hilarious comic (and my awesome Big Quiz Thing sidekick) Anthony Scibelli has a kickass new web series. It’s funny, looks amazing, and features some great local talent. Today marks the release of episode 2: “Nerds”. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have been a part of it (…or 2 parts of it…)

Do yourself a favor and check it out!

20 X 20 x 3


What’s that?? You’ve been dying to learn more about Nat Turner, SMOG enemas, and magical foot-fetishism? All in the same night? And you want to laugh simultaneously? Well BUCKLE UP!!! Next Weds 2/10 is your lucky night. Come on down to The Comedy Lab at ImprovBoston (8pm) where I’ll be part of an incredible show presenting on 3 different topics in my manic take on the Pecha Kucha format. Cannot wait!


Happy February!

Happy February! Here’s me on mediocre relationships, why Hallmark needs to diversify its Valentine’s Day offerings, & the racial utility of the palm tree. It’s been a minute since I posted a straight up stand-up clip (vs. storytelling, character work, or presentation) hope you enjoy!

Thanks Arisia!

Taking you where TED Talks are afraid to go...

Taking you where TED Talks are afraid to go…

I had a blast producing and performing on the Crackup: Comics & Comics @ The Con show at Arisia over MLK weekend. Arisia is an alternative sci-fi & fantasy convention that seeks to foster an environment of inclusion and acceptance regardless of interests, race, sexuality or gender identification. It’s also ridiculously fun and stuffed with amazing panels and screenings on everything from the current state of superhero TV series, how to manage emotions in a polyamorous household, and tutorials on medieval combat and weaponry…seriously.

I was honored to be invited to book a show of my own and everyone involved enjoyed themselves as we brought 6 of Boston’s best & geekiest comics together for a standup showcase followed by a presentation of mine on various oddities I’ve discovered in comic books and related vintage mags as I’ve combed through them for zine materials. (I also shared some Roadrunner & Coyote erotic fan fiction that I found online…). Incredible weekend all around, and I’m really hopeful I can bring the show back again next year!


2016: Keeping Busy, See You Out There!


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