6/27: Tune In, Turn On…Game Show



Groovy. If you’ve never been to the Old School Game Show before this is your last chance of the season to catch the wildest live, alt-trivia, game show extravaganza around. Dancers, sketches, videos, a live-band, comics, an awesome host, specialty cocktails and a packed house will take you down the rabbit hole into entertainment enlightenment.


6/26: I Kick Off Comedy Where the Patriots Kick Off Superbowl Runs!

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So this is pretty exciting. On Friday 6/26/15 I’ll be the very first comic to take the stage at CBS Scene’s new comedy room at Gillette Stadium’s Patriot Place entertainment complex. Could not be more pumped, this place is legit and the comics I’ll be hosting for are 2 of Boston’s absolute best. Don’t miss out, you only get one first time…


TIX Here


It’s like Mad Men, but funnier…and with less misogyny…



Taking over the IB Comedy Lottery for 1 week only check out “Buy This!…You’ll Feel Better!” a hilarious evening of comedy & advertising.

The show will open up with some selected open comedy lottery spots. Then you’ll see featured stand-up Liam McGurk, Srilatha Rajamani, & Christine An.

We’ll move into the marketing side of things with a lecture from LEGENDARY brand strategist Todd Spaulding!

Finally Wes Hazard will take you on a tour through some of the most off the wall print ads of the last century.

Best part? You don’t really have to buy anything because this show is FREE!

What a great night for stories…



You always hope for the win, but you know, I really can’t complain, it was a thoroughly awesome show. Happy to report that I took home 3rd place at Massmouth’s the season-ending Big Mouth Off @ The Coolidge Corner Theater. The audience was treated to 12 of the best tales of the last month and I got to get up on stage on one of my absolute favorite places in the city. Many thanks to Massmouth and it’s incredible staff & volunteers, especially the ever-working Norah Dooley.


Also, I can’t forget to shout out 1st place winner Myles Green & 2nd place winner Christine McDonnell!

For All The Marbles…


The Coolidge Corner Theater. One of the first places that became a regular haunt of mine when I moved into Boston for college. I saw midnight showings of Donnie Darko, Black Dynamite, & The Room here. And now I finally get to grace the stage as part of Massmouth’s Greater Boston Story Slam Finals (AKA The BigMouthOff). Sweetness.

Join us for an amazing show on Thurs 4/30 (7pm) as the final 12 competitors of the season go head to head to see who’ll be crowned 2015 storytelling champion. It’s a competition, sue, but more than that it’s sure to be an incredible evening where you’ll laugh, cry, and do everything in between. Come out, I’d love to see ya.

Tickets HERE

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